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Indoor Rules

DIVA adopts NAGVA Rules

Rules Updates starting Spring 2016

DIVA is very excited to announce that we are further aligning our playing rules and regulations with the USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Rulebook 2015-2017 and the North American Gay Volleyball Association (NAGVA) as we continue to stay in step with these organizations. Below are the major rule changes DIVA is adopting starting with Spring 2016:

Libero: The Libero can now be the Team Captain, Game Captain or both.

Net Faults: Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault.  The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt), blocking and landing.

Score Sheet: DIVA has also adopting the new USA Volleyball Score sheet for this season.

Section 1: Conduct

1.1 DIVA members are expected to conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner at all league functions. The following list of acts may be justification for sanction:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct such as physical violence; verbal or written abuse against any player, spectator, or referee; jeering, taunting or inappropriate behavior against any team or player.
  • No show for league night play with no communication to captain.
  • No participation in team reffing or scorekeeping duties, including line judging.
  • Use of inappropriate language or comments that focus on someone’s age, race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

1.2 The Board of Directors has the ability to sanction a member or a team for violations of the DIVA Procedures and Rules or for any activity deemed by the Board to be detrimental to the league. Member sanctions may include but are not limited to: verbal warning, written warning, suspension from league play and activities for a specified period of time, expulsion from the league, possible suspension from league sanctioned NAGVA Tournaments. Team sanctions may include but are not limited to: verbal warning, written warning, forfeiture of game(s), removal of the team from the season tournament, dissolution of the team. Members will have the right to respond to the board on any sanction given as per our Bylaws, reference section III, subsection J. 

1.3 All members are required to follow the rules of the host facility.

1.4 No member shall participate in league play or officiate if he/she is under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance. A member in violation of this rule will be asked to leave the facility.

1.5 No member shall have alcoholic beverages or illegal substances on the property at any DIVA playing function. This includes the parking lots of the gyms. Members are expected to comply with all local, state and federal statutes.

1.6 Theft or destruction of DIVA property or the property of host facilities may result in a personal sanction by the DIVA Board of Directors.

1.7 Appropriate dress is required for members during league and tournament play. A member’s dress should not be offensive or make other members uncomfortable. Appropriate dress includes a shirt, shorts or pants, and athletic shoes. Hats, loose jewelry, and open-toed shoes are not allowed on the courts.

1.8 Members who are not current on their Season or Sub fees, will not be allowed to play in a league function until their membership has become current.

Section 2: League Configuration

2.1 Divisions

In an attempt to divide the many members of the organization into competitive groups based upon skill level, the Board of Directors has established a minimum of seven (7) different divisions in the Dallas Independent Volleyball Association. These divisions are: Recreational, Intermediate, Competitive, Skilled, Advanced, Power and Elite. Please see DESCRIPTIONS for further explanations of each.

2.2 New Member Clinics

2.2.1 The Board of Directors shall schedule a series of new member clinics prior to the start of each season so that the Skills and Evaluation Committee can instruct and provide ratings to potential new members and returning members who do not have a current rating. The New Member Clinics are coordinated by the Vice President for Membership and the Chair of the Skills and Evaluations committee, in conjunction with the rest of the Board of Directors.

2.2.2 All players being evaluated at a new member clinic must complete a registration form online, including the liability waiver, before they participate in the clinic.

2.3 Player Ratings

Current Rating

2.3.1 Player ratings are only assigned by the Skills and Evaluations Committee. The Committee assigns members to one of the six (6) divisions based on their skill level. A “current rating” is an assignment that is made after a player has attended one of the new member clinics that are held prior to the Spring and Fall seasons. A “provisional rating” is a temporary rating assigned to a player who joins DIVA after the beginning of a season. These ratings are typically performed at DIVA’s divisional practices during the course of the season. A player may join a team roster or serve as a substitute using a provisional rating or a current rating. A player must have a current rating in order to be assigned to a team through the pre-season draft. A player who participates in DIVA using a provisional rating must attend a new member clinic to obtain a current rating to participate in the draft. (A current or provisional rating is not required to serve as a substitute in the Open division since players of all ratings are eligible to serve as a substitute in that division.)

2.3.2 New members and returning members without current ratings shall be evaluated and assigned a current rating during the pre-season new member clinics or at a specified time determined by the Skills and Evaluation Committee. New evaluations may not be performed on a Friday night if season matches are scheduled.

2.3.3 Members who possess a current rating may request to be evaluated for a move to a higher division by completing a rerating form and submitting it to the Chair of the Skills and Evaluation Committee.

2.3.4 Player ratings expire if a player does not participate in the league, by joining a team roster or serving as a substitute on a team, for four (4) or more consecutive seasons of play (discounting summer) after their last rating. A player with an expired rating must attend a New Member’s Clinic prior to joining a team roster, serving as a substitute on a team, or participating in a DIVA sponsored practice.

Requesting to be rerated to a higher or lower division

2.3.5 Each season the Board of Directors shall establish a deadline for the submission of rerating forms. Rerating forms submitted after the established deadline will not be accepted.

2.3.6 New ratings take effect the following season – including summer seasons. For example, players being reevaluated in Spring who move up to a new division will only be eligible for Summer leagues with that new division (if applicable).

2.4 Creation of Teams

2.4.1 The Board of Directors shall set a date for the season’s draft.

2.4.2 Each member participating in the draft must be in good standing with the league and have a current rating.

2.4.3 Registration fees may not be refunded once a player has been assigned to a team in the draft. This rule applies in all cases including when a player relocates, is injured, or becomes ill and cannot complete the season.

2.4.4 The Board of Directors shall set the number of divisions and teams for each season. If necessary, the Board may set a maximum number of players for a division. If this happens, participation shall be on a first pay, first play basis. After the cap has been reached, interested members may be placed on a waiting list and play as substitutes until such time as a vacancy occurs or be refunded their fees.

2.4.5 A division should have a minimum of twenty-eight (28) playing members registered to be considered complete. At its discretion, the Board may choose to combine two divisions into one for a season or allow the division to compete with less than 4 teams. If this occurs, individuals maintain their previous rating for future seasons.

2.4.6 Captains – Division Representatives shall submit a list of potential captains to the Board of Directors for its review and approval. Players must have played the prior season in the division in which they seek to serve as a captain. The Board of Directors shall have the discretion to remove and appoint captains throughout the season. Attendance at the draft is mandatory for captains and the After Draft Party is strongly encouraged of the membership.

2.4.7 Draft – Teams will be chosen in draft format. The draft process is outlined in Section 7.

2.4.8 Six (6) people shall constitute a team. For all divisions, a maximum of seven (7) players will be assigned to a team at the draft.

2.5 Maintenance of Teams

2.5.1 If an individual joins a division after the draft has taken place, the member will be assigned to a team using the process outlined in Section 7.

2.5.2 No additions may be made to a team’s roster after midnight on the second to last Friday of league play. (Example: week 11 of a 12 week season)

2.5.3 To be eligible to play for a team in the season tournament a player must have played on the team as a roster player during at least one night of league play.

2.5.4 If, for any reason, the Board disbands a team during season play, continuing roster players (from the disbanded team) will be placed on teams using the procedures for individuals joining after the season draft. (See DIVA rule 2.5.1 above.)

2.5.5 A player is expected, whenever possible, to contact their captain prior to being absent from Friday night league play. If a player is absent for three (3) nights of league play, and the captain feels that each absence was not communicated and not for a valid reason, the captain may submit a written request to their Division Representative that the player be removed from the team. The individual in question shall be notified by the Division Representative prior to any action being taken to present his/her view. Once a player has been removed from a team, that team would then be eligible to add an additional member. The placement of a new member on that team shall be determined by the established order of selection. (See DIVA Rule 2.5.1 above.)

2.5.6 A player that is removed from a team’s roster after the draft, for any reason other than injury, may not participate in the league as a substitute or join another team for the remainder of the season. Registration fees are never refunded to a player once the player is added to a team’s roster.

2.5.7 A player that is removed from a team’s roster after the draft, due to injury, may petition the board to return to the league as a roster substitute during the current season. Registration fees are never refunded to a player once the player is added to a team’s roster.

Section 3: Officiating and Scorekeeping

3.1 Each team captain is responsible for officiating assigned matches according to the schedule provided by the Vice President for Administration.

3.2 Captains will be responsible for providing the following: a certified Up (1st) referee, a certified Down (2nd) referee, two (2) line judges, a certified scorekeeper, and one assistant scorekeeper. A team may ask other league members to assist if they are short players. A team that fails to complete its assigned officiating duties may receive a team sanction. (See DIVA Rules and Procedures 1.2 for information regarding team sanctions.)

3.3 The officiating team is responsible for maintaining the following 45 minute time schedule for their assigned match:

  • A three (3) minute warm up period
  • A two (2) minute period to set the teams up for the match
  • Forty (40) minutes of match play

3.4 If both playing captains agree, a scheduled 1st referee may be replaced by another certified referee. It is the responsibility of the playing captains to find the replacement referee.

3.5 Certification for 1st referees, 2nd referees, and scorekeepers may be acquired by attending a DIVA certification clinic or by providing proof to the Vice President of Administration of current certification through NAGVA (North American Gay Volleyball Association) or USA Volleyball. DIVA certifications expire two (2) years from the date of certifications.

3.6 The Scorekeeper is responsible for ensuring that the Tally sheet is accurate and complete with all the required signatures. It is the responsibility of the captains of the playing teams to check the accuracy of the tally sheet information (the winning and losing team and the game scores) before signing.

Section 4: Equipment

4.1 The DIVA Board of Directors will set the courts up for play each Friday night. The initial officiating team shall have the responsibility for ensuring the court is ready for play no later than ten (10) minutes prior to the start of the first match.

4.2 The losing team of the evening’s last game played on each court shall have responsibility for clearing the score table and taking all equipment (including the game ball) to the DIVA supply table. If the game ends in a tie, both teams shall be responsible.

Section 5: Protests

5.1 Only protests concerning rules or interpretation of rules are allowed. As in USAV, judgment calls are not subject to protest.

5.2 If a captain wishes to file a protest he/she must:

  1. Notify the scorekeeper of his/her desire to file a protest
  2. Write “Protest” in the captain signature line of the tally sheet
  3. Provide a written statement of protest with the Vice President of Administration within 48 hours after the end of the match. The written statement should include the details of what occurred and what rule the captain feels was misinterpreted or misapplied.

5.3 If a protest is filed regarding a match not starting on time, the Protesting Captain must notify the 1st Referee before the match begins and the 1st Referee shall instruct the Scorekeeper to write the start time of the first game down on the score sheet. For protests regarding more than two minutes between games, the Scorekeeper must write the end time of the first game and start time of the second game down on the score sheet.

5.4 The ruling on the protest will be presented within two (2) weeks from the time the protest is filed.

Section 6: DIVA (non-USAV) Rules of Play

6.1 General Rules

6.1.1 Matches are timed and consist of 2 sets (games). There is a cap of 27 in the first set and no cap in the second set. Matches are played until completion or time runs out.

6.1.2 If the signal for the end of match time is sounded during the playing of a point the game continues until the point is over. (A point is considered to be in progress as soon as the referee beckons for the serve.)

6.1.3 Friday Night League matches are timed and limited to 45 minutes. Teams will have three minutes of shared court time to warm up. Teams cannot request a time out during the final two minutes of the match.

6.1.4 Teams are not required to wear matching uniforms, and are not required to wear numbers on their shirts. Players must wear a shirt, shorts(pants are acceptable) and athletic shoes while playing on the volleyball court.

6.2 Playing with a Libero

6.2.1 A libero, or specialized back row player, may be used in all divisions. . The libero is not required to wear a uniform that contrasts the rest of the team. If first referee requests it, designated mesh libero jerseys are available at the league table and should be worn by the libero for the duration of the match.

6.2.2 A libero is allowed to serve, but for only one position.

6.2.3 DIVA will follow all other USAV Libero Rules.

6.3 Playing With Less Than 6 Players

6.3.1 Teams must have at least four (4) players present at the start of each game. A maximum of two (2) substitutes may be used by a team at any one time. Game time is five minutes after the match is scheduled to begin (7:35 for a 7:30 match). If the required four players are not present the team will be forced to forfeit the first game. The team will then have ten (10) additional minutes (until 7:45 for a 7:30 match) before they must forfeit the second game of the match.

6.3.2 DIVA allows teams to compete in league play with less than six players on the court. The players that are present are assigned a position on the lineup sheet for the team and the empty position or positions are labeled as “Hole”. The players and the hole(s) rotate as normal with each change of serve. When a “hole” rotates into the serving position a point is scored for the opposing team and the serve returns to the opposing team’s next server. During play a team playing with a hole may replace the hole by substituting in a late arriving roster player or a registered Substitute player.

6.3.3 When competing teams are both playing with less than six players the captains may, prior to beginning play for each game, agree to “play without a hole”. When this happens each team will complete its lineup sheet leaving out the eliminated hole. If both teams have two players missing they may agree to eliminate both holes. If one team is missing one player and the other team is missing two players then only one hole may be eliminated and the team missing two players must include one hole on its lineup sheet. Once a hole has been eliminated and play has begun it is not possible to replace the hole with a late arriving roster player of a registered substitute in that game.

6.4 Use of a Substitute Player

6.4.1 For the purposes of this section a “substitute” is defined as:

  1. A non-roster player who is asked to play on a team during league play when the team will have less than six members present.
  2. A roster player from another team who is not scheduled to play or referee a match at the time of the needed substitution, when the team will have less than six members present.

6.4.2 A substitute must register each season prior to playing for a team.

6.4.3 A player must have a current rating with DIVA in order to serve as a substitute in any division other than the Open division.

6.4.4 Individuals may only serve as a substitute in the division of their current rating or a higher division. (Example: A player with a current rating of Competitive may substitute in the Competitive, Advanced, Elite divisions, but not in the Intermediate or Recreational divisions.)

6.4.5 No more than two (2) substitutes may play on a team during any one night of play. An exception to this rule is allowed if a substitute player is forced to withdraw from play due to injury.

6.4.6 A team may not use the same non-roster substitute on more than three (3) nights of league play during the same season. A team may not use the same roster substitute on more than two (2) nights of league play during the same season.

6.4.7 A player may only serve as a substitute on one team per night of league play.

6.4.8 If a team is using a non-roster substitute and one of their roster players shows up, the team must keep the non-roster substitute for the evening and work all players in during the course of play. If the substitute is a roster player from another team, at the completion of game(set), they will be removed from play for duration of game. If roster player shows up during the during the middle of game(set). The Captain must decide to either substitute the roster substitute with their roster player or continue playing with the roster substitute.

6.4.9 Substitutes may not be used in the end of season tournament.

6.4.10 Team captains are responsible for finding substitutes who are eligible for their division, non-roster players must pay a $10.00 sub fee online at the DIVA Store. All fees must be paid with in 48 hours of play. There is no fee for a roster substitute. Team captains and score keeping team are responsible for insuring both non-roster and roster substitutes are noted on the Tally Sheet.

6.4.11 Violation of any of the above stated rules regarding substitutes may result in the forfeiture of any game in which the illegal substitute participated.

7. Draft Procedure and Considerations

7.1 Considerations

1. Only players registered by the registration deadline will be eligible to be selected in the draft.

2. If captains are not able to participate in the draft they may select a proxy (Division reps are ineligible to serve as proxies for captains in their own division).

3. Player member cards will be posted at the front of the draft room with the name and photo provided by the player. Each player is responsible for their own pictures on their profile.

4. A list of registered players with their primary and secondary positions will be provided to captains. This information is self-reported by players (or those who created their accounts) so DIVA does not vouch for skill or ability for those positions. Players are not guaranteed those positions and do not have to be drafted for those positions in particular. It is merely meant as a helpful resource.

7.2 Draft Process

1. As captains enter the draft room they will randomly select a number. This number becomes their team number for the season and the order in which they pick in the draft.

2. Captains will sit in the order of their numbers for the draft.

3. The draft will start with the first captain selecting a player from the display and handing it to the board member(s) recording the draft. At the same time the next captain will queue up at the board to increase the efficiency of the process. They may not select or approach the board before the previous captain has selected their player.

4. The draft will continue in this pattern from captain 1 through the final captain. Once the final captain has made their selection, they will choose again and the draft will continue in reverse order. For example, if there are 12 total captains, Captain 12 will select their two players at the same time. It will then move to Captain 11 and then continue back to Captain 1.

5. The draft will continue in this fashion until:

a. Full divisions resulting in even teams. The draft will continue until all players have been drafted onto their respective teams. There will be no change in the process throughout the draft.

b. Incomplete division resulting in uneven teams (e.g., some teams of 6 and some teams of 7 players). Once all teams have 6 players the original draft process will stop. The remaining players will be drafted by Captains 1 through the number of remaining players in reverse order. For example, if there are 12 teams but only 7 remaining players then Captain 7 will draft the first player from the remaining 7. Captain 6 will draft the next player, Captain 5 the following player, and so on until Captain 1 has the last player remaining in the draft.

6. Captains will double-check their rosters with the board member recording teams.

7.3 Post Draft Information

1. Captains are not allowed to reveal their rosters to anyone until rosters have been posted at the draft party. This is true even if captains do not plan on attending the draft party.

2. Once rosters have been posted at the party, captains are free to and encouraged to communicate with their teams.

3. Within the first few days of the week, team rosters will be made available through the online portal so captains and teams may communicate with each other electronically.

7.4 Late Registrants

1. Players who register late (and are evaluated at a practice should they not have a rating) and pay the associated late registration fees will be eligible to join teams based on random selection.

2. At a practice, the division rep or a board member serving as proxy for them will use a random draw method (e.g., picking team numbers from a bag, coin flip (for two teams), etc) to identify which if the non-capped teams the player will be added to.

a. It is highly encouraged for all captains potentially affected to be present during this draw but it is not required.

b. A non-affected captain witness (other captain, player, or board member) is required.

c. If there are teams that do not have at least 6 members on their team, they will receive priority in late registrations added. If there is only one team with 5 players, they will automatically receive the late registrant.

Property of Dallas Independent Volleyball Association. Any use of materials presented on this site, without written consent, is strictly prohibited. Copyright© 2014 Dallas Independent Volleyball Association (DIVA) Created and approved February 21,2014 Ruben Viveros, President.

Sand Rules


  • 4 player teams must have at least two players on the court at all times.
  • 6 player teams must have at least four players on the court at all times.

Teams shall determine first choice (usually captains play rock/paper/scissor or odd/even etc.). The winning team will have one of two options: choose to serve first or choose which side they prefer to play on. Each match will consist of two games. Each game will count in the overall standings for regular season standings. Matches will be played within the allotted time of 45 minutes. All games are played to 21, win by 2, or first to 23. One timeout per game is allowed.


Teams will forfeit 1 game for every 10 minutes past the designated start time that they do not have the legal amount of players.


A captain may use a substitute player during Friday night league play for a fee of $15/night. A maximum of two substitutions for a team per night may be used. Sub fees MUST be paid online before the evening of league play. Substitutes must be of equal or lower skill level for missing player. A team may not use the same non-roster substitute on more than two (2) nights of league play during the same season. Substitutes must be recorded on the scoresheet or games may be forfeited.

Game Times

Teams will receive a schedule that will list when their team will play each week. Teams will be given an allotted amount of time to play 1 match, (2 games) 45 minutes. This includes a 5 minute warm and setup time.

Rules of Play

  • In 4’s, team members do not need to rotate position on the court. They do have to rotate service.
  • In 6’s, team members must rotate on the court and must remain in that position until the serve has been contacted. The player in the back right hand corner of the rotation will be designated to serve and continue to rotate clockwise.


4’s – Every player is eligible to attack the net.
6’s – Only players in the front three positions may attack the net.

Hand Sets

A contact of the ball using the fingers of one or two hands to direct the ball toward a teammate is a set. The ball must come into contact with both hands simultaneously and leave both hands simultaneously to avoid a double hit call. A player may set the ball over the net in front or behind them only when their shoulders are squarely facing the net. Rotation of the ball after the set may indicate a held ball or multiple contacts during the set but in itself IS NOT A FAULT. A player may overhead pass or “set” any driven ball. A driven ball is defined as “an attack on a hit or blocked ball traveling at a high rate of speed with no arch in the air.”

Note: a serve, dink, or roll shot is not a driven ball and therefore cannot be hand set at any time.


A serve that makes contact with the net and lands on the opposition’s side will remain in play. The width of the service area is from sideline to sideline. The depth of the service area is infinite. The server may not step on or over the end line until the ball has been contacted.


Blocking of the ball across the net above the opponent’s court shall be legal provided that such a block is:

  • After a player of the attacking team has spiked the ball, or intentionally directed the ball into the opponent’s court, or has exhausted their third allowable hit.
  • After the opponents have hit the ball in such a manner that the ball would clearly cross the net if not touched by a player, provided no member of the attacking team is in a position to make a legal play on the ball.
  • If the ball is falling near the net and no member of the attacking team could reasonably make a play on the ball.

Note: A single player blocking contact is counted as a team hit. The blocking team will have only two more hits after a single player blocking contact. Multiple contacts of the ball by players participating in a block shall be legal provided it is during one attempt to intercept the ball. Multiple contacts of the ball during a block shall be counted as a single contact, even though the ball may make multiple contacts with one or more players of the block. 

Blocking the Serve – The serve may not be blocked or attacked.

Returning the Serve

Players can return the serve by:

  • Bump pass
  • Clasping their hands together
  • A closed fist

Note: Since a serve is not classified as a “driven ball,” a player may not receive a serve with an overhead pass or “setting.”

Player Contact with the Net

A player touching the top band of the net or the antenna during his/her action of playing the ball will result in a violation. Player contact with the net in a manner not directly relating to or affecting the course of play is not a violation. Contact with hair or part of the uniform will not be considered a fault.

Attacking the Ball

There are no male/female hitting rules. Contact of the ball when attacking is legal only if a portion of the ball is in contact with the plane of the net or on the spiker’s side of the net. Spikers may follow through over the net after legal contact. The ball must be cleanly hit when attacking with an open hand.  Guiding or carrying is illegal.
Note: A carry is any use of an open hand(s) while making contact with the ball that is not in a firm manner. Additionally, open hand dinks are not allowed!

Out of Bounds

Out of bounds is the area outside the designated court line, (some facilities may also have antennas attached to the net, at these facilities the antennas will be considered out of bounds as well). A ball hitting the line is in bounds.

Center line

Sand volleyball allows any and all parts of the body to cross the center line as long as there is no interference with the opposing player.

Characteristics of the Contact

The ball can contact any number of body parts down to, and including the foot.


A player may not enter a neighboring court in pursuit of a ball. It is acceptable to enter any surrounding areas (including across the net in the out of bounds space) as long as the player does not step within the boundaries of a neighboring court or the opposing side.


All games are self- reffed. Teams are responsible for their own reffing and calls are to be made in a consistent and good sportsmanship manner. DIVA Board members will be made available to help interpret rules if there are any discrepancies between the two teams that need to be addressed. Captains are responsible for recording the results of their game. Clipboards or folders will be provided on each court to record the scores.


DIVA Summer Sand Volleyball League is all about having fun. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by the league may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league. Abuse of staff /members will not be tolerated. DIVA reserves the right to remove a player from a game or a league if they are considered to be bringing down the quality of the league. DIVA will not tolerate any physical contact towards any player with malicious intent and will be an automatic ejection from any game and in most cases ejection from the league for the remainder of the season.

We also understand that our playing venue serves alcoholic beverages and we ask that each playing member be cognizant of their behavior. Any behavior deemed to be dangerous due to alcohol will be addressed.

League Cancellation/Rainout

Leagues may be cancelled due to existing weather conditions, dangerous or unplayable field conditions, facility constraints, etc. DIVA makes every effort to play all scheduled games, thus we will not cancel games until absolutely necessary. Therefore, if you are calling concerning a decision on a cancellation, remember we will not have an answer until close to the start of the league.

If the league is cancelled, DIVA will update Facebook and send communication to the captains. If a league is cancelled on site, DIVA will attempt to contact those teams still scheduled to play the remainder of the league day/night. Depending on the time of cancellation, some teams will have to be notified on site. If we do cancel, follow next week’s schedule (ex. If May 30 is cancelled teams should follow the June 6 schedule for their next game). The DIVA Board will attempt to make arrangements to make up cancelled matches at the end of the season as time allows. In extreme circumstances, DIVA reserves the right to run a shortened season without a refund.  DIVA also reserves the right to schedule games on days other than your regularly scheduled  league day/night if necessary.

These policies are designed to make the league run as smoothly and safely as possible, and provide continuity for its participants. Each player in the league is responsible for this information please advise your team of these rules and thanks for playing.

©Dallas Independent Volleyball Association