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How to Join

Thanks for your interest in DIVA! DIVA offers fall, summer, and spring indoor volleyball and summer sand volleyball.

New members must register for 1) a New Member Clinic (Register > Clinics) and 2) the season you wish to participate in (Register > New Members > New/Unrated Players). Clinics and season registration are posted prior to the start of the season, so check back if it is not live at this time.

During a New Member Clinic (NMC), you will participate in drills such as setting, serving, hitting, and passing. You will also scrimmage with other clinic attendees. A team of evaluators will evaluate your skills and you will be placed into one of DIVA’s seven divisions. NMCs are free to attend, but you must register online.

After you attend your NMC and receive a rating, your season registration will be moved from the New/Unrated Players league to the league in which you have been rated. Please note that simply attending an NMC does NOT reserve your spot in the season; you must register for both.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document for more information (About > Frequently Asked Questions). Additionally, you may email [email protected].

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