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Miss DIVA Competition History

Miss DIVA was originated in 1990 by Rauhman Browning & Ted Bedwell as a way for the league to raise funds to give back to our community. For the past 30 years the proceeds from Miss DIVA have been donated to the Dallas Resource Center – Food Pantry as this was Rauhman’s charity of choice, and so it was permanently designated by the DIVA Board of Directors as the charity which would benefit from each years Miss DIVA contest.

2023 Liv Laughlove
2022 Serif
2019 Ophelia Oliver
2016 Lay’d Tataz
2015 Mia Valentine
2014 KyKy Lechic
2013 Moaning Lisa
2012 Sophie Pilla
2011 Candi Munchies
2010 GoDiva DuBois
2009 Shasha Lauren
2008 Emma Gration
2007 Summer Clearance
2006 Anita Protest
2005 Miranda Rites
2004 Sharon Secrets

2003 Amanda Love
2002 Helen Bedd
2001 SheGotta Mustache
2000 Shanana Samanth
1999 Samantha Phillips
1998 Lencha Marie
1997 Dee Dee Pearl
1996 Va Selana
1995 Marla Hootch
1994 Willamena Needs Manderson
1993 Heather Brook
1992 Amber King
1991 Taffy Pull
1990 Miss DIVA Emeritus

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