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Rauhman Browning Award


Rauhman Browning

Rauhman Browning was one of the founding members of DIVA. For those who knew him he was a dedicated friend and had vast integrity with enough wit to charm the entire room. Rauhman passed away in 1993 a mere 3 years into the infancy of DIVA. Rauhman was one of the originators of the Miss DIVA show. He never wanted it to be know as a pageant or contest, but as a way for DIVA the organization to become not only a well respected volleyball league but an organization that cared about our community. So by forming Miss DIVA it was his way to make DIVA a philanthropic organization, and used Miss DIVA as the channel to do just that. He was the true “Spirit of DIVA

Upon his passing the DIVA Board of Directors renamed what was known as the DIVA Hall of Fame to be forever know as the Rauhman Browning Award. This award is given as the highest award to a member of DIVA for their Outstanding Service, Dedication, Spirit and Sportsmanship to DIVA. It is presented annually at DIVA’s Spring Awards Banquet and is given to a non board member who exemplifies the qualities listed above.

The following people are recipients of the Rauhman Browning Award.

2019 Joel Smith
2018 Paul Lichnerowicz 
2017 Ruben Viveros                                                  
2016 Lorenzo Guerra, Jr.     
2015 Benjamin Zuniga
2015 Gill Flores
2014 Josh Pool
2013 Bill Horn
2012 Mark Porter
2011 Greg Smith
2010 Randy Rhodes
2010 Jack Angier
2009 Tim Vinzant
2009 John Niles
2008 Liz Wilson
2007 Darrel Loveless
2006 Joel Lazarine
2006 Joe Gallegos
2005 Phillip Derby
2004 Alf Dang
2003 Donny Perry
2002 Phil Scott
2002 Hayden Mitchell
2001 Shannon Brown
2000 David Walker
1999 Bill Castello
1998 Sue Gibson
1997 Bobby Baldwin
1996 Sal Cervantes
1995 Tomas Soto
1994 Brian Pierce
1993 Bob Calderon
1992 Tony Miles

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