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Dues and Fees

Fee Policies and Structure

I. Good Standing

No person shall be registered as a member, player or attendee for the Association or any DIVA-sponsored event or season unless all current and prior fees owing are paid-in-full prior to the event/season registration deadline. Fees submitted by mail must be received prior to the event/season registration deadline.


II. Substitution Fees

A. The Substitution Fee for any Non-Roster Member will be $15 for each day/night played in league competition. There is no charge for a Roster Member to sub in league competition.

B. Team Captains must ensure the substitution fee is paid for any Non-Roster sub the day/night in which the sub plays for their respective team. If payment is not received by end of play for that evening, then the respective Team will forfeit that night’s games and will be able to utilize any subs, Roster or Non-Roster, until all such fees have been paid-in-full. The use of a sub while substitution fees remain in arrears will result in forfeiture of each game in which a sub plays.


III. Payment Methods

DIVA accepts payment in the form of Cash, Credit Cards, PayPal, or DIVA Dollars.


IV. Post-Draft Registrant Fees

A. Payment must be made by the end of day Wednesday prior to the evening of league play (Friday) for a player to join a team that week. If payment Is made after Wednesday, the player will be placed on a team for play starting the following week.

B. The Fee Schedule for late registrants during the Spring and Fall seasons are as follows:

Season Week Amount Paid
Week 1 $140.00
Week 2 $130.00
Week 3 $120.00
Week 4 $110.00
Week 5 $100.00
Week 6 $90.00
Week 7 $80.00
Week 8 $70.00
Week 9 $60.00
Week 10 $50.00   (Last week to join – 11 Week Season)
Week 11 $40.00   (Last week to join – 12 Week Season)


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