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Start of the 2021 Fall Season

We do have an important update for everyone regarding the Fall Season. The DIVA Board met recently and voted to push back the start of our 2021 Fall Season one week. There was not just one reason to do this, there were many factors that went into this decision:
• We will be moving to a new facility this fall, the Premier Volleyball Center. We will be one of the first organizations to use this facility. It is still being renovated. It is somewhat ready, we have moved our New Member Clinics there, but the extra week will allow the facility more time to better prepare to host a league as large as ours;
• We are currently hosting New Member Clinics and expect well over 100 potential new members to check us out this fall. This will allow an extra week for an additional New Member Clinic if needed;
• We have had a handful of issues with current members Divisional Rating expiring. The Spring 2020 season was terminated very early, the Summer 2020 season did not happen, Fall of 2020 was shortened and Spring of 2021 was modified so we haven’t had a normal season in awhile. For this reason many player ratings have expired in LeagueApps, and those players have not been able to register for fall. We are correcting those issues as we learn about them;
• Our Draft and Draft Party were scheduled for Sunday, August 22 and we would have been competing with PSSA for space at Woody’s that day. PSSA has their Fall Season Uniform Party scheduled for Sunday, August 22 as well so we would have had to do our parties back to back;
• We will be using ten courts this Fall for play, not the twelve that we are used to. Since we are going back to an early wave and a late wave we will still be able to accommodate 70 teams, but making the schedule will require some creativity. Instead of trying to end Registration on the 19th and have a schedule ready by the Draft and Draft Party on the 22nd pushing the start back one week allows us time to create a good schedule for the first couple weeks of play;
• We actually have an ‘extra week’ built into the schedule for the Bumpin Pumpkin Tournament. We do not plan on eliminating the tournament, but hope to offer it on a week night or maybe a Saturday/Sunday afternoon so we can use the Friday night we usually host that tournament for League Play. This way we do NOT have to push the Tournament back a week and we can still offer members 12 weeks of play.
• Players have complained over the years because in the past we have played our first week of games, then taken a week off for Labor Day, so there were 13 days between everyone’s first and second week of play. This way the first and second week of the season will be back to back.
Updated Important Dates to be aware of:
• August 10, 12, 16, 18—New Member Clinics at the Premier Volleyball Center
• August 19—Last Day to Register for the DIVA Fall 2021 Season
• August 27—Member Open Play at the Premier Volleyball Center
• August 29—DIVA Fall 2021 Season Draft and Draft Party
• September 3—No Play because of Labor Day Weekend
• September 7—Divisional Practices begin at the Premier Volleyball Center
• September 10—First week of Play for the Fall 2021 DIVA Season
  • September 18 – Saturday (to be confirmed) Bachelor Auction at Woody’s
• October 8—No games because of the NAGVA Dallas Fall Classic
• November 26—No games because of Thanksgiving
• December 11—DIVA Fall 2021 Season Ending Tournament
• December 15—Fall Season Awards Banquet
Thanks to all of you that have registered for Fall already. It’s going to be a great season. Please reach out to your Division Representative or Brian with any questions you might have.

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