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Shasta Montana

Shasta is back back BACK again, and beyond excited to thrill everyone at this year’s Miss DIVA 2020, but Miss LaCroix has been tossed to the curb and put in the recycling because there’s a NEW Montana in town baby!

After a year of hard work and dedication, Shasta has dug into her drag and pulled out a sickening, polished, put-together queen that is ready to storm the stage! Since you saw her last, Shasta has been strutting her way through the homes of handsome DFW men and the stages of Dallas bars with the hopes of this year catching a title along with the handful of venereal diseases that she’s seen along the way.

For those of you who have yet to witness the spontaneous, crackhead adventures of Shasta Montana, she is an eccentric conglomerate of modern pop influences mixed with young musical theatre experiences. Consider her the crossroad of Kim Petras and Mary Poppins. In a room full of garbage cans, sometimes she can be considered the pretty one! So ladies and gentlemen, grab yourself a cold can of Shasta, because you look thirsty baby, take a sip!

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