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Ruby RIM-erez

Hello, my name is Ruby RIM-erez.

I’m a Southern Spanish rose born and raised in Austin, but currently living in Dallas making a difference in the lives of students with disabilities. By day I’m an Adapted Physical Educator and focus on giving my students a fighting chance to participate in physical activities in school and the community. I aspire to be a Disney Channel Super Star one day and possibly kick off a Cheetah Girls Reunion, but with me as the lead actress instead of Raven-Symone.

My hobbies:

I’m a professional singer . . . in the bathroom! Wedding décor, volleyball, dancing, dressing up my cat, and woodwork.  I know I’m talented! XD

My favorite color is money . . . preferably yours to help raise money for the Resource Center. If you could either donate or borrow money from baby daddy, child support, sugar daddy or grandma’s purse it would be greatly appreciated! Your donation makes a difference in the lives of over 60,000 people in the LGBTQ community . . . Donate under my name and let’s work together to strengthen our community!

Love, XOXO


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VENMO also accepted: Send to @Dan-Dubree (Please note contestant)


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