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KyKy LeChic

Hi there, my name is Kyky Lechic and I am running for Ms. Diva 2020. I have been a member of Diva for 7 years (with a 2 year hiatus).

This will be my sixth time running for the title and hoping to achieve being announced as the winner. I enjoy doing fundraisers for great causes and have been a part of many shows. I started doing drag for The Resource Center in Denton and have continued to help raise money for other resource centers. Other organizations that I have helped with are fundraising for cancer research, first responders, and other worthy causes. I have also helped raise money for fellow diva members in need and have participated and traveled to different cities outside the DFW to helped with shows. Some of my most memorable shows have and will always be the ones we have done to help our own family in Diva.

Many people know me as competitive and goofy on and off the court but one thing is for sure , I am always there to help. My fiancée , I know crazy that someone wants to marry me, is also a member of Diva. We have a 5 year old boy that means the world to us. You can say I am definitely a family member and know what it takes to work through many obstacles. This summer is going to be a very special summer for me. Not only am I going to be celebrating a big birthday, I am also getting married in mid June.

My name is Kyky Lechic and I would love to be your Ms. Diva 2020!!

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